Beauty N’ Styles goal is to become the #1 online directory for salons, spas, makeup artist and other beauty services. In addition to becoming your primary contact Beauty N’ Style will provide national accessibility to your local spas and salons. Not only will we offer our visitors a salon locator, but we will also provide a source to exclusive beauty products and other services



Beauty N’ Style.com is a newly developed web based marketing concept founded and launched in 2009. Its vision is to recognize and identify the need to bridge the gap between salons and potential clients via the World Wide Web. Beauty N’ Style is the first of its kind to offer an unconventional approach to locating, customizing and having beauty services tailored to meet your own individual and specific needs. This site offers a fundamental, interactive approach to website navigation. Beauty N’ Style.com is the perfect medium through which salon professionals can showcase their talents and services to a common yet generally untapped market.



We believe in Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Conduct.
We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.
We realize that our success and results require effort.
We promote positivism and service excellence.
We recognize entrepreneurship and stimulate networking